The TKE Nation Podcast

Pride: Our Experience—Part 1 of the Esteem Discussion Series

Episode Summary

In recognition of June as Pride month, TKE asked four Fraters from different places in their TKE journey to share their story. This episode is part one of The Esteem Discussions Series, so stay tuned for more. TKE is proud to have never had an exclusionary clause since our founding in 1899. Now in 2020, we are authoring the next chapter of TKE history by opening the dialogue. We are joined by Mark Romig, Erich Ploog, Keyeon Pitts and TJ Morgan for a panel discussion on how Fraternity is an agent for connection and conversation, while they share their own TKE journeys and we reaffirm our values to consider men only for their personal worth and character. The Esteem Discussion Series is a multi-part series where we illustrate proper fraternal behavior based on the TKE value of esteem using shared stories, discourse and reflection. Esteem: That is respectful to the honest convictions of others and that refrains from treading upon that which is sacred to spirit and conscience. Video version available at