The TKE Nation Podcast

S2: E16 | Ft. Andrew Hughes

Episode Summary

Join us for a very special episode interviewing Frater Andrew Hughes from Mount Everest Base Camp! Frater Hughes (Chi, Washington) is currently making his second attempt to summit Mount Everest. This attempt is nearly two years from the 2019 season when he fell just short of the summit after coming down with pneumonia during his summit rotation. At that time, he was evacuated by helicopter from 21,500 feet to a Kathmandu Hospital for recovery. This year he will be attempting the seldom accomplished 8000M+ double. First, climbing Everest and completing the Seven Summits, a feat roughly around only 400 people have ever accomplished, and then reaching the summit of Lhotse within 24 hours, which is the 4th highest mountain in the world—this has been achieved by only around 40 people. Additionally, he will be attempting two altitude-related Guinness World Records. To wish him well or follow along on Frater Hughes' Everest / Lhotse Expedition, follow him on Instagram (@andrew_i_hughes). Visit for links and to follow along on his climb. :55 Andrew Hughes Recorded Live At Mount Everest Base Camp 1:50 Insanely Impressive Accomplishments 2:45 What Is The Explorer's Grand Slam? (Hint: It's very exclusive.) 3:42 How Do You Prepare For These Feats? 5:20 The TKE Connection 7:30 Pursue Your Passion; Opportunities Present Themselves 9:00 Everest Expedition Logistics (Two months of pushing human limits.) 11:00 In The Death Zone For Four Days 14:30 Tackling Everest For The Second Time 16:14 Back To Back On The Worlds Largest Peaks 17:35 Trench Foot, Frost Bite, Hypothermia (Antarctica is relentless.) 18:00 Altitude Is The Great Equalizer 18:21 The Impact Of COVID-19 20:00 Rapid Fire Questions 20:37 Favorite Place in All The World? 21:00 Humbled in Antarctica, Among Other Places 22:00 Spiritual Experience 24:00 Why Pro Athletes Cry 25:00 Finding Communities 26:15 New World Records On The Horizon